Accommodating conflict management

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In employing this, individuals end up ignoring the problem, thinking that the conflict will resolve itself.

Clashes of ideas about tasks also help in choosing better tasks and projects. Functional conflicts can emerge from leaving a selected incidence of conflict to persist, which can be overcome by ‘programming’ a conflict in the process decision-making by the group by assigning someone the role of a critic.They are as follows: Accommodation involves having to deal with the problem with an element of self-sacrifice; an individual sets aside his own concerns to maintain peace in the situation.Thus, the person yields to what the other wants, displaying a form of selflessness.A mediator for managing conflict Problem identification i) Acknowledge that a conflict exists Role of stakeholders in poverty alleviation Behavioural aspects of building partnership Knowledge of basic government management functions; tendering, budgeting etc.Organizational abilities for PRI meetings Communication skills 1.

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