All my friends are dating except me

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I did that thing where I decided to go on a Facebook cleanse. Or someone who just disappears for months at a time, making you wonder if they’re maybe dead.

As in, I deleted anyone I considered bad for me in any shape or form, ridding myself of social toxins. As I approach my mid-20s, I feel like I shouldn’t have to take any unnecessary bullshit. You should never feel self conscious about yourself with a friend. True friends will call you out when you're making mistakes, but there's a subtle difference between how you feel when a friend is trying to save your ass from yourself, and how you feel with a not-friend is judging you. But waking up on a Wednesday totally hung-over and noticing someone parked your car on top of another car is probably something I’m too old to be dealing with.

If your friend is letting her boyfriend be mean to you, however, she’s clearly not prioritizing her relationships very well. It’s always stellar to hear your friend has been talking about how much weight you’ve gained, or how much she thinks you didn’t deserve that job promotion through the grapevine of gossip. Whenever you two get lunch, it’s totally weird and you never have anything of substance to actually talk about except high-school.

Yet you still make it a point to schedule lunches and dinners just to upkeep the relationship and make sure it doesn’t completely die. If you have nothing in common with this person anymore, and seeing them is a total bummer, then why put yourself through that?

Sometimes sexual feelings develop between two people. In our lifetime, we are bound to have a friend who has a really obnoxious boyfriend. A boyfriend who says casually racist shit all the time.

A boyfriend who thinks “impressive” translates to “I’m going to blow pot smoke rings out of my mouth all the time.” Yes, people like this exist, and yes, we are all grown-ups who know how to handle people we don't agree with. No socks-with-sandal guy or racist should stand in between that bond.

So suggesting to them that we communicate that way is awkward for them.

Some have tried and it’s very obvious right from the start that they never use email because it doesn’t make sense on a phone on which texting is so much easier and the norm.

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The criticisms — apart from the personal ones about my eyes, hair, ears and voice — were predictable:“I just want meet as quickly as possible to see if there’s chemistry.”2/2/2 allows you to build trust, rapport, and excitement over the course of a few days, thereby allowing you to screen out most of the awful, angry, unintelligent men — and, in turn, have better first dates.

At that point in time — merely a week later — we would feel so comfortable with each other that a first date would feel like a second date.

I told women to apply this principle to online dating in my Finding the One Online program in 2008.

Unless that boyfriend is just a terrible person who treats everyone like shit.

It’s hard to watch your friend become so passive with the guys she dates, but it’s also hard to sit there and deal with it, especially if she’s not going to do anything about it. She’s now married and shops at West Elm while you’re still buying your bookshelves at Target and drinking Diet Coke for breakfast.

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