Are alison krauss robert plant dating

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She was dating an 80s rock star name John Waite, his big hit was “Missing You.” There was one catch in this gossipy scenario.Being only a table away from Plant and Krauss, I should have had a complete if somewhat strained ear access to their conversation. Glassy mirrored shades lay on the table in front of Plant.Sitting in the corner of a coffee shop at a table with the letters “LOVE” scratched in its lacquer, Robert Plant, 61, tried to impress 37-year-old Alison Krauss.She is an American singer and musician, very pretty and petite.And this Brit, heavily influenced by the writing of J. Tolkien and the misty Welch countryside, was looking to score another young American chick.When I first looked up from my laptop and saw them one table in front of me, I thought, “What’s that old guy doing with that young woman?

Plant, however, is 60 -- in fantastic shape, and with a full head of the golden ringlets that became his trademark during the 1970s. And while both are dead serious when talking about their craft, the rest of the time, they're like two silly junior high kids -- he, the charming prankster with a secret crush, and she, the beautiful prom queen who pretends not to be amused. " We went into the studio originally saying, "We'll give it three days and see what it's like." Plant: Alison's reputation is 24 karat, and I'm an old rock 'n' roll singer. She knew how she wanted to proceed, and we exchanged a lot of ideas musically.

CNN: That sounds like a man who's looking forward, and not back. I don't want to go around, everybody thinking, "That's what he did." Because this is what I do, and every day, it should be more interesting.

But it was the right thing to do to do it that way. We've already been around the world, and did what we did when we were young men.

Plant: Well, we had a really good night, and we had great rehearsals, and it was very emotional -- and if you like, quite elevating.

Plant: And a season ticket for Wolverhampton Wanderers football club. CNN: You gained a lot of fans with this project, but there are those Led Zeppelin diehards who've been holding their breath for a reunion tour -- especially since you reunited for the Ahmet Ertegun tribute concert at Wembley in 2007.

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