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We introduce our clients the old-fashioned way — on a face-to-face date,” Svetlana said.

“No swiping right or left, no endless chatting online, and no pointless correspondence.

It consists of blogs for dating and relationship advice in Russian and English.

It is designed for men, women, singles, and international couples.

“Ladies have to wear high heels to attend, and each event has a unique dress code. “Usually we recruit a lot of ladies to join Diolli during such events.

We love recruiting offline.” Another new feature the site is rolling out this year is an educational platform called Cupid on Duty.

Diolli Matchmaking Agency caters exclusively to those successful professionals looking for love on a global scale.

“Every member of the Diolli team understands the importance of his or her personal contribution to the successful matchmaking experience of our clients,” she said.

The Diolli team of cupids also plans many events in low-pressure settings to benefit both men and women.

It’s always heartwarming to hear about people who marry their high school sweethearts, but most of us don’t find lasting love with someone whom we attended classes with.

I never had a love connection with anyone in high school, and the boyfriends I met in my hometown are now distant memories.

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