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Sadly, he and four of his brother and sisters grew up in an unconventional, dysfunctional family.He had a rough childhood, due to his parents always fighting and screaming violently at each other.As a kid, he described himself as the weird kid, whose friends were the elderly, and was consistently picked on a lot until fourth grade, after his family moved to Apollo Beach, Florida, His first role was The lead in the fourth grade production of Phantom of the Opera at Miles Elementary School.His performance was so energetic that he received a standing ovation, with people crying in the audience of how wonderful the boy's voice projected. He also made an appearance in the 1990 Johnny Depp film Edward Scissorhands as a child playing on a Slip 'N Slide.He stated this: "It would be going too far to say I was actually in Edward Scissorhands because I was so far in the background that you can't tell it's me.It would be better to say I was on the set of the film...

In September 2002, Nick released the first single from his solo album, "Help Me" which did well on radio countdowns landing at #1 on various stations including New York City’s z100 and achieved considerable worldwide success while the other single, "I Got You" was a minor hit in Europe.I was in the scene when Edward looks out of a window to the neighborhood.For a split second he sees some kids playing - one of them was me.On October 29, 2002, his first solo album Now Or Never was released and sold over 500,000 copies in the first week and it reached No.17 on the Billboard 200 charts and was certified gold, both in the United States and Canada.

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