Black metal dating

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Speaking of metal-loving couples, we can’t help but notice that most of them seem as if they were cast in the same mold.

Differently put, fans of a certain metal sub-genre usually end up with fans of another specific style of metal music.

Enough about the flack the movie’s gotten and how inaccurately it tells the story of Varg and Euronymous— hell, let’s just assume the ENTIRE thing is fiction at this point — there’s some context that we’re missing here.

Coming from the perspective of American punk and hardcore, the scene and songs tell a duality of stories.

spun from a book of the same name in 1998 that was apparently also fraught with the same problems of not accounting for events as they actually happened.

After all, I was a child in America when it all went down then by the time I got older and into music that was released around the time of my birth and early childhood, I just never got emotionally invested in this particular realm of metal history.

In looking at some of the other reactions to the film though?

However, in the true spirit of metal, we ain’t here to judge – we’re just observing.

That said, let’s take a look at which sub-genre combos usually work in relationships.

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