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“When you’re doing something as big as Mc Leod’s you must renew it all thetime.” But the loss of the two long-serving leads will most certainly be felt on screen, as it was on the show’s South Australia-based set.

“There was a time there where it was a bit tumultuous,” says Brett Tucker, who plays vet Dave Brewer.

including the industry-voted Most Outstanding Actress in 2004.

Carter's recent television credits include Wild Boys for the Seven Network and Rescue: Special Ops for the Nine Network, both in 2011. P., Water Rats, All Saints, Home and Away, Murder Call, and Above the Law, where she had the starring role of Senior Constable Debbie Curtis.

Carter is taking a break from the drama after the birth of her first child, Otis, while Pollard is off to the US.

Carter’s departure presents a quandary for a series that has built its name around the Mc Leod women.

“No one knew where it was going to go or what was going to happen.” Simmone Jade Mackinnon, better known as feisty station manager Stevie Hall, agrees.

“Tess and Nick have always been the A-storyline,” she says.

Outraged, Stevie does her own sleuthing on Sandra's property and learns Crusher broke his penis several days ago.

She's come a long way since their days together on the rodeo circuit - she's now the manager of a highly successful and huge scale 'wild west' rodeo style show, and she's allegedly in town to scout for new talent.

Stevie's not at all impressed by the arrival of her former mate, describing Tracey as ""Alex's worst nightmare"".

When Crusher turns up in a Drovers paddock, apparently ready to service cows on heat, the finger of suspicion is immediately pointed at Stevie.

Tess, unaware of Stevie's 'deal' with Sandra and knowing Stevie's history of 'borrowing' other people's possessions, reluctantly thinks the worst.

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