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Jednym z takich działań jest kampania „Ustąp”, którą rozpoczniemy pod koniec lipca.Kampania ma na celu uwrażliwienie na potrzeby osób z ograniczeniami w poruszaniu się oraz przekazać rzetelną wiedzę na temat tego, w jaki sposób najlepiej pomagać. My code: private void cmb Status_Validating(object sender, System. Cancel Event Args e) Using Win Forms, certain users may change the value in a combobox,others may not. I need to check the user's rights before committing his or herchanges in the box and restore the previous value if he or she is notallowed (or not let the value be changed in the first place). Now the only thing I need to be able to do is reset the original value and allow the user to continue. My code: private void cmb Status_Validating(object sender, System. This article explains how to use Regex in a Windows application.

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One of the most important tasks of any computer vision project is to acquire image data.If one or more fields are empty then the program displays a message to the user that all fields must be filled in before the program can validate the input information.The code above calls the first Name Text Box's Focus method to place the cursor in the first Name Text Box.As always in my posts I will show it with a full source code example, because I think it's much easier to explain stuff by code.So whenever people tell me My hope is, that this post will clear up some confusion and show how easy it is to validate algorithms.

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