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You can watch clips recorded to the cloud in the Events tab in the app or online.

In the app it's hard to jump to a particular day or time, but much easier online.

You'll need to create an account via the app, just an email address and password, and name the camera.

But this means the clip may end before you would have liked, and some motion may be missed entirely.

With continuous recording, like CCTV, you can go back to any point in time (limited only by your subscription - usually a maximum of 30 days) and watch events in real-time.

That means you can't exclude any areas as you can with most cameras. And instead of a slider which runs from 'more sensitive' to 'less sensitive' you choose from a list of sizes such as 'dog', 'person' or 'car'.

This works well and it prevents needless alerts when your cat walks across the room.

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