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It's better to observe than any TVchannel or movie!

✶ Use Wi Fi or 4G connection for the best cam experience. Mobile operator (carrier) can charge for data transmission✶ Not all cameras working 24/7: some constantly undergo tech maintenance and return online.

I have posted links to the EVP's, Videos as well as Photos captured, and the history, and paranormal occurrences in this house on the site. A to Z of the unexplained, paranormal phenomena Latest UFO sightings The Crypto Crew, Cryptozoology and Paranormal News Bible Prophecy - The Signs of the Times Paranormalis, paranormal, time travel and alternative topics A State of Mind - Exploring Psychic Phenomena Information Machine, Alternative News, Exopolitics, Paranormal 21 Most Haunted Places in the World 10 Strange Tales Of Russian Paranormal Phenomena 10 Of The Most Chilling Haunted Castles In The World dddavids Ghost Cams is one of the best paranormal websites on the net with real cams in a real home.

A Blog of actual detailed experiences, and Paranormal Vlog of corroborating evidence we have collected which includes Spirits, Ghost, Entities, Poltergeist, all things from the other side. ENTER THE MAIN SITE BELOW The public is encouraged to view any of the 20 live Ghost Cams, and post their captures, and experiences of events in the Yahoo or Facebook Sites. List of reportedly haunted locations everywhere Educating Humanity/UFO Paranormal Discussion Forum covering many topics Latest UFO Sightings Ghosts and Ghouls, True ghost stories, etc 12 Terrifying Ghost Stories From Around The World Unexplained Mysteries, all things paranormal The Conspiracy Zone El Rincon Paranormal: Enigmas, Misterios...Wanna See what’s going on around the globe without actually going there through live streaming?Earth live webcam controls and entertain you with earth live stream.Live earthcams can open the doors for all the travelers to move ahead beyond the sight.The display of places in public camera are categorized with the most searchable locations on Earth online live cam.

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