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I was 4 when i got my first phone, and I was hardly on it. Anyways, I'm going to go watch AGT, so while I do that, you get your kid a phone. Thank you, I'm off to watch Darci Lynne, Shin Lim, The Clairvoyants, and many more. -saavi the uniquester My eldest daughter is 13, and owns a i Phone 7 .I got my brother an i Phone 5s for christmas and he isnt on it a lot. When I say a phone, I mean an i Phone, not a flip phone. She has been asking me to buy her the i Phone XS Max.If the screen is completely demolished then maybe consider, but if the phone is in perfect condition I think you could wait a little longer.Also, while the type of phone you have as an adult doesn’t matter it does matter more as a minor for many reasons; It’s a popularity standard, there friends have new ones, they want people to view them as responsible and “cool” because they have a new phone!-Lauren My son is 13 years old i am letting him use a safe link phone and he does not follow the simple rule of call or txt when you get home since the school does not allow phones in the classroom.it is good if you are working for your teen to have a basic phone so they can let you know they are safe if they want internet that is what a laptop is for.

As kids get older, they'll be interested in fuller-featured phones with bells and whistles.

my friends lose their phones only sometimes, and they always find it anyways. we should be able to get a smart phone with the FULL deal: texting, calling, social media, internet access, etc.

It really depends what kids are dumb there are plenty of really smart kids who deserve to have all access, the trouble tends to come with giving the kids who don't know how deal/how to let go if something is said it tends the ones who are smart who tend to blow it off and don't give it the time of day, so if you think your kid is smart enough to know its just someone's opinion and its not the of the world, but I think all kids deserve a phone, most of the bullying in middle school comes from being laughed at for not having one and trust me to know i don't have a phone some grades suffer from that like classes in music, in our orchestra we have to send in videos of us playing a practice exercise and its hard to record those videos when your parent uses the phone for stuff they're doing and you have to wait forever for a chance to use it.

and sadly genrally lots of teachers just assume you have a phone and assign stuff digitally.

its not worth put your child through the wringer with make them deal all of this stuff rather than just getting them one and having limitations on depending on how they react to stuff like that.

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