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You are expected to meet billing quotas even when sick or on vacation- only exception is when on FMLA.Advice to Management Improve either pay or benefits- the benefits are expensive and do not provide good coverage, but at the same time the pay is low for the field.In Bigbang I ship you with G-Dragon GD is also your personal teddybear.I’m sorry if I was wrong about the social anxiety stuff please forgive me!Short term disability is paid by employee 100% if they want to have it.

That way, whenever a new app is downloaded by the teen, it will automatically download to the parent's phone as well.There are a lot of incompetent people working as BHT's who simply don't care about their jobs so they half perform at tasks and therapists end up having to clean up the mess when stuff happens.Adjust billing expectations to account for use of sick and vacation time.Recognize that the clients we work at are very important, but each employee's family comes first for them.Pros -Great clinical supervision-Gain a lot of clinical experience-Decent culture at the "catalina" site, great team atmosphere and clinical management team.-Nice training opportunities-Electronic medical record is easy to navigate once you get to know it Cons -Productivity requirements are unrealistic and unfair.

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