Concrete consolidating counter self top

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The reinforced cement concrete is defined as the concrete to which reinforcement is introduced to bear the tensile strength.

Plain concrete is weak in tension and good in compression. C works with the combined action of the plain concrete and the reinforcement.

Such concrete units are called as the precast concrete.

The examples of precast concrete units are concrete blocks, the staircase units, precast walls and poles, concrete lintels and many other elements.

The use of lightweight aggregates in concrete design will give us lightweight aggregates.

Aggregates are the important element that contributes to the density of the concrete.

The main constituents are the cement, aggregates, and water.

Most commonly used mix design is 1:2:4 which is the normal mix design..

Details of these various types of concrete, their properties and applications are discussed.The most commonly used heavy weight aggregates is Barytes.These types of aggregates are most commonly used in the construction of atomic power plants and for similar projects.Also Read: Why Select Reinforced Concrete as Construction Material for a Structure?Most of the mega concrete projects are carried out through prestressed concrete units.

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