Consolidating itunes albums

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One efficient way of copying individual songs from your i Tunes library to a flash drive is to find the actual location on your computer where the files are stored and drag and drop the desired songs from their stored location onto your flash drive.This process works well when dealing with a few files; however, if you plan on copying an entire library or many albums, you should access the indexed "i Tunes Media Folder Location" and browse its contents.Choose a folder (or create a new one), depending on where you want to store your i Tunes files. Check where your default "i Tunes Media Folder Location" is and if the "Keep i Tunes Media Folder Organized" and "Copy Files to i Tunes Media Folder..." buttons have check marks next to them.If they do, your i Tunes library has been kept organized, and you can find all files in their default location.You can choose the folder to add the media files from your computer to i Tunes. When you import files to i Tunes library, you only index the media files instead of copying the media files to i Tunes. Choose the "File", select the "Library" option and click the "Organize Library" option. Check the box next to "Consolidate files" and click the "OK" button.

I know I could just rename all the "Artist" tags to "Various", but that would make it impossible to sort on artists, obviously.

If your i Tunes Preferences for copying files to this location has been disabled, you will need to "Consolidate" your library before browsing.

Insert your flash drive into the proper USB port on your computer and wait for your operating system to recognize the device.

Sometimes I've had to eliminate all information about the tracks and give them temporary artist and album names just to get them to group together. This started happening to me today and it's annoying me immensely.

After that I enter all the information again and change the names back to what they actually are and it works. A work around I found was to edit all the information I wanted to edit under Get Info, then delete the problematic album/s from i Tunes (but selected Keep Files) then readded them all and now they seem to have stuck together under the one artist.

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