Crazy cat woman dating video

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No, I had no intentions of the video going viral, or really anyone to see it other than my family and friends.I always made weird videos on my friend’s Facebook walls just to get a laugh.When it was going viral I did and it was the best entertainment.I couldn’t believe people thought it was real and how angry it made them when they figured out it was a fake.

By the third day it was up, it had around 100,000 and that’s when I realized this was about to go viral.

Damn, I should start making videos of all the crazy crap I think too!

Do you find yourself still reading the comments on your video?

I’m a “photographer” and get yelled at by one of the main characters for taking a picture of some lady.

It’s only a split second of the show, but when you shoot it 50 times and get yelled at 50 times, it really started to feel like the real thing! A., what are you doing out there besides saving cats?

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