Critique partner dating service

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One of my critique partners often prefers to send me work chapter by chapter, while I prefer to send my entire finished manuscript all at once.

Other critique partners prefer chapter by chapter updates of criticism, while still others prefer to wait until I’ve finished so I can provide a big-picture analysis.

But if this is one of your first times critiquing, that’s fine too! If, for some reason you don’t like the other person’s notes or you just don’t think things will work out (for whatever reason), then you should be open about it and part ways with no hard feelings.

Do they put out three books a year—while you only put out one book every three years?

We hope that this gives you all a forum to talk about your work and perhaps find that perfect creative match so you can ride off into the writing sunset together!

Before we get into the nitty gritty, we wanted to refer you back to a few of our old resources about being a critique partner: Meg’s post on Giving Constructive Feedback Kat’s video on 5 tips for being a good CP And our first ever post that’s just full of CP Love and advice Okay, onto the match up!

But you want to find a person who is at least writing), the stronger and more useful your partnership will be.

Ideally, you want to find someone who bounces in their seat with excitement when they receive your latest manuscript—instead of groaning because now they have to make time to “fix” all your mistakes.

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