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Manual hedging of withdrawals Formation of ethical black listing protocols.

e Commerce modules for leading platforms including Magento, Woo Commerce and Shopify.

He’s been a founding member of Assobit, the Italian blockchain association, and BHB, Italy’s leading blockchain R&D lab.

He is a cryptocurrency professional and blockchain expert.

Additional wallet functionality to include directory of platform partners Implementation of web of trust, reputation and chain auditing tools. Expand bounties to incentivize community development Two-part escrow with mutual burn functionality. Interoperability between intimate and other blockchains to deliver new applications. intimate debit card to expedite withdrawals Deployment of the intimate wallet based off the successful EI8HT wallet.

Greater functionality for the intimate wallet (such as multi-currency support) Selective disclosure of key attributes. Bundled and unbundled offering for multiple payment methods. Two-way pegging to improve ITM token liquidity Deployment of the intimate blockchain. Facilitate trust services for associated industries. Expand exchange listings for liquidity Implement first ITM payment facility for partners.

STRONGURL BLunch Blockchain Week - NYC 2019Strongurl BLunch is an intimate, curated blockchain lunch event launched in January 2018.

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We are bringing together an unparalleled group of blockchain thinkers and doers from across the worlds of business, technology, art, and academia.Integrate support for a wide range of oracles and supported attributes.Invest into various initial supporting platforms to drive uptake such as NATS and WHCMS Continued optimisation of cryptocurrency acquisition channels for consumers.She manages the corporate structuring of the intimate, financial operations and the distribution of funds to intimates charitable partners.Patrick is a believer in the revolutionary power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and is a consultant for a number of blockchain based projects.

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