Dating a asian man

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I know how hard it is to bite your tongue and get rid of negative thoughts, complaints of how unfair it is, and resentment. We’ve invented cars, the atomic bomb, search engines, and now artificial intelligence. Thomas Edison went through 10,000 attempts before he invented the light bulb. If you want proof, scroll through the #AMWF hashtags, go on You Tube, or check the AMWF couples Instagram profiles. Is that a mentally healthy and beneficial achievement for you and your relationship in the short- and long-run? If you look at the Asian American men who successfully have a white girlfriend on social, most of them have healthy relationships where they care much more about factors other than skin color. You’re giving other ethnicities a chance, so why don’t they, right? And if you’re obsessing over dating a woman because of her ethnicity above all else, including beauty, intelligence, trust, kindness, and respect, that’s a red flag.

Kevin Kreider, Korean-American adoptee, bodybuilding champion, fitness trainer, model, speaker, and life coach, revealed how he learned this the hard way in his Ted X talk.Wong Fu Productions briefly touched on these social issues beautifully in their skit, Yellow Fever 2:like my other content.You’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re only or mainly trying to date a women because dating their race is an accomplishment to show off.Kev Jumba went so far as to say that he’s never heard a white female ever say that Asian men are at the bottom of the hierarchy and that we’re limiting ourselves in our own head. Many people of different races have come out and mentioned that there is less of an Asian masculine presence in Hollywood films, which ripples down to how attractive they’re perceived. Obviously, people are going to prefer those who have similar cultures, tastes, and hobbies.Even if it isn’t explicitly stated, perhaps there is an unspoken disinterest. My main point is that you can waste your life debating these theories in your head or online and get nothing out of it. Just do whatever you can to make the best of situation and get the best results in the long run.

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