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Authorities suspected that Gail may have disappeared and committed suicide elsewhere.Her family considered the possibility, but did not believe that she would do that to her family. We have subscribers in all 50 states and a number of foreign countries. Our monthly column Letter from London highlights major sales in London and elsewhere.On June 21, 1986, she went to meet a date at a local Howard Johnson's restaurant, and suddenly vanished.

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He was certain that the woman he had given the ride to was Gail, especially because of her Northern accent.

When Gail's car was searched, nothing was found of interest.

Two hours later, a busboy at the restaurant found a set of keys where Gail's car was parked.

All of the men had alibis for the time of her disappearance, including a man named "John".

This man is not believed to be the man Gail was going on a date with.

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