Dating behaviors in philippines

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On rare occasion these pages posted content that was critical of Duterte.For example, the image below asks why President Duterte has been quiet on the issue of vaccinations and natural medicine, suggesting that he may be under pressure from the CIA.A large volume of content also promoted the actions of the Philippines National Police (PNP); other articles glorified Duterte’s actions related to the war on drugs.

These support pages also frequently reposted general political news about events in the Philippines, with a particular emphasis on the President’s response.

All these politicians are either directly related to Duterte, are affiliated through their employment or political party, or are at least aligned with his political standpoint — a few of them will be running for seats in the House of Representatives elections in May.

For example, Ronald dela Rosa is the former Director General of the Bureau of Corrections and will be running as a candidate in May.

The graph below shows when the pages in this network were created: most of them were created in 2017, but the oldest page in this network dates back to May 2013.

The most recent page in this network was created on October 24, 2018.

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