Dating cpap

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Thank you all for your responses - I booked my consultation today and will see where that leads me - your responses have undoubtedly helped in making that decision.

I'm not here to promote our products or site – instead, we're doing a project that aims to shine a humorous light on some of the struggles of people who use CPAP.I've read through a lot of forum posts and this definitely seems like a topic that people are concerned about.One of my colleagues is in her 40s and she uses a CPAP machine.I still need to do research in to how these machines work, and I am assuming they make noise, which is fine by me since I prefer some noise when I sleep - but good to know either way. I always had to let the dog out, so I did not spend the night after dates.Then I just sort of mentioned the CPAP, my girlfriend is not bothered by it, but it avoided awkward conversations early in the dating process.

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