Dating for gemini

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Gemini Friends Date is the Ultimate Singles Community for Geminis.

Our Gemini Friends Date website is Legitimate to use for Personal Dating, Social Networking, Fun, Emotional Support and Romance.

oh no, they want to share what they know with whoever they can!

Ultimately, if you can get over their nervousness, chaotic energies, and apparent indecisiveness, you’ll find these creatures make some fascinating mates, never serving up a dull moment!

Where there are extremes and opposites, it is there you can find yourself a Gemini, trying to decide which end of the scale he wants to take up at the time.

Of course, they don’t want to keep it all to themselves…

Your Gemini Man is, therefore, in motion all the time.

He might seem restless to the point of appearing as if there is anxiety brewing just beneath the surface!

Those who Mercury rules by Mercury are intelligent, perhaps a genius in some way, but particularly when expressing themselves about something in which they hold great passion for… The Gemini Man is one who enjoys spending time reflecting, learning, thinking, assimilating knowledge and learning new things, but his energy can come across as high strung…

(almost like those small breeds of purebred dogs that threaten to drive you nuts with their incessant high-pitched bark at nothing at all).

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