Dating girl cerebral palsy

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These negative experiences, however, didn’t take away from my experience of online dating and learning about how it works.Related:​ Learning to Fall in My Life With Cerebral Palsy" data-reactid="29"Know What You’re Looking For The truth of the matter is that dating with chronic illness can be difficult, but as long as you know your boundaries and what qualities you’re looking for in a person you may date, it becomes easier.By revealing my lack of dating experience, I confirmed some widespread stereotypes about disabled people—that we are sexually incompetent, asexual, or are too infantile for a mature relationship.He thought he was sparing my feelings by using my disability as a reason to reject me.I look for someone who is from a good family, who has a life plan and a stable career.I also look for someone who is excited to explore the world and try new things.That being said, I think it’s very important to be open and honest about your conditions.

Only then will the person you are dating be able to see you past your disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Positivity is an especially important characteristic for a partner to have in my opinion, because when you have a condition such as mine, I think it’s important to date someone who is going to simultaneously push you and support you.

The most important thing I have learned about dating with a disability and chronic illness is that when it comes to the dating process, it all starts with you.

By the time I divulged my disability to him, I felt I'd given my humor, wit, and kindness enough time to define me.

I made a joke about the upside about my cerebral palsy, claiming that I was a pro at dancing the sprinkler, which he laughed at and joined in by admitting that I was probably a better dancer than he, a "white guy with two left feet." My sense of humor was the deciding factor: He wanted to meet me in person.

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