Dating hole in cap cans

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Mark out the center of the body cap and make an indent by pressing the tip of the drill bit into the center mark.

It’s important to make a hole in the center of the body cap or you won’t get the full effect.

The insulation can then be laid over the loft cap and packed to the sides if necessary.

Loft caps for downlightscan be used with either fire rated or non fire rated downlights.

Cut a small piece of aluminum foil to fit inside the edges of the cap.

Tape the foil onto the inside of the cap, keeping the sheet taut.

As long as you can spare a body cap you can do this.

The lens emulates the distinctive vignette and softness of a pinhole photograph in a fraction of the time and is great for adding an abstract or surreal quality to an image.

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The images below show what our older Aico loft caps looked like.

However, the Aico range of downlight covers (ALC274 and ALC275 models) are no longer available, but we now stock the Loft Lid version that does the same job.

To view our range of loft caps for downlights follow the link below: range (replaces the Aurora Sola range) which are fire rated GU10 downlights.

You can make a pinhole camera out of practically anything, and the results are unique and often surprising.

Modifying your DSLR camera’s body cap to create a pinhole effect is a simple project that allows for real-time adjustments that the analog process doesn’t.

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