Dating site patents

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Note that Design patents, which includes vintage jewelry patents, must begin with the capital letter “D” followed by a 7-digit number.If your patent number is only 6-digits, add a leading zero, as shown in the illustration below.By the way, I tried using a lower-case “d,” but that didn’t work, so make sure to use a capital “D.” After entering the number, the first page of the patent document is displayed.You can use the arrow buttons or the links below the arrows to access specific pages.

According to the complaint, JDate alleges that all three companies are infringing the same patent, which states that Sparks Network (JDate’s parent company) has invented a method or apparatus for automating the process of confidentially determining whether people feel mutual attraction or have mutual interests.

That’s right, JDate has a patent on detecting secret crushes.

The suit calls out Ok Cupid’s Quick Match (which shows when two individuals mutually admire each other); Zoosk’s Scientific Matching Service, and 2Red Bean’s Secret Admire function as infringing JDate-owned patent # 5,950,200, titled “Method and Apparatus for Detection Of Reciprocal Interests or Feelings And Subsequent Notification.” This is an aggressive action considering that secret admiration is part of the foundation for any online dating site.

You can access it here: USPTO Online Patent Database.

In the “PATENTS” menu there is a “Patent Search” link, which displays the page shown in the image below: Patents prior to 1976, which includes vintage jewelry patents, are scanned images in PDF format stored in the Full-Page Images database.

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