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David De Angelo’s products are great for everyone, but especially beginners.He chunks things down so it’s easy to understand, and doesn’t use a whole lot of pickup lingo.We liked the Badass system because it gives men a better way to understand women.Our test group determined that this works better – and requires less effort, since you still act like yourself – than David De Angelo’s “be cocky and funny like me” attitude.And all the sneaky, amazing tips and tricks which are promised just aren’t there. Be “cocky and funny.” And “don’t be a wimpy nice guy.” Um, ok?This is like telling someone who wants to become a master chef to “not burn the food.” The David De Angelo products harp on this single point – don’t be a nice wimp – as well as the point that We agree that teasing is an essential part of flirting, it’s important have a backbone, and yes, meet a lot of women. But after reading the book, we weren’t left with much more than that. – You pay for “David De Angelo” to drive this one point home again and again – with various stories, anecdotes, and reproaches – while you keep thinking the is just around the corner!And we got that info from David De Angelo’s website for free! Reading “Double Your Dating” is like waiting for a train that never comes.

We were unimpressed by how much of the book was simply a regurgitation of the free material.

When I first heard what these guys had to say, I was dumbstruck. David De Angelo’s knack at interviewing the best dating gurus in his field may be his greatest strength.

their attitudes, beliefs, and adventurous shocked, awed, and inspired me. Naturally, I was thrilled when a few months later, he launched his , I got an entire hour every month of David bringing out the best secrets of these dating experts.

In one case I did have to ask him for refund on a webinar, not because of the quality of the webinar, but because I was hospitalized and unable to attend it.

No questions were asked–my account was immediately refunded, and I still got to keep the recording of it.

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