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How long will it be until Apple is giving i Work away to sell hardware — an option Microsoft doesn’t have? By then a bit more of Redmond’s goose will have been cooked.Digital market leadership is now Apple’s — not Microsoft’s — to lose.That’s the interview I did for my ill-fated piece on the relationship between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.It is almost sixty minutes entirely devoted to Bill talking about Steve.Even Mac market share is up in the double digits and Apple’s profit margins are the best in the industry.The trend line is definitely up for Apple and mildly down for Microsoft.Telephone 01 Tuesday evening 7-9pm and Saturday morning 10am-midday.

As you may be able to read on the picture, it is an interview with Bill Gates from June, 1998.

Publishes UK National Work-stress Network News (available electronically on [email protected]), editor Ian Draper, NASUWT, 9 Bell Lane, Syresham, Brackley, Northamptonshire NN13 5HP, UK, Tel 01280 850388, Fax 01280 850056, email [email protected] COSST, Concerned Spouses of Suffering/Stressed Teachers: Peter Lewis, 22 Marlborough Rise, Aston, Sheffield S26 2ET, Tel 01.

A self-help and mutual support organisation for partners of stressed teachers.

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