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As an industry we need to stop thinking about vendor lock-in, and start thinking about contracts above the platforms.You don’t need to create a moat around your business – for example Amazon Web Services doesn’t lock you in.For the non-technical audience, the project is similar to Ethereum, but aims to use a Proof of Stake (Po S) consensus mechanism to improve the speed of the blockchain without sacrificing any decentralization or security components.Hoskinson has identified that current blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, as constructed have reached an impasse.The censorship resistance of the EOS platform has yet to be rigorously tested, and EOS has faced significant scrutiny since their mainnet launch for censoring transactions and blacklisting certain addresses for not adhering to the rules of their ecosystem.“With Cardano we are doing innovation, and that moves the tradeoff profile [between centralization, security, and speed].

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[…] Every time Cardano publishes a paper we are taking a step forward.”Hoskinson mentioned that he doesn’t trade – he leaves that to the trading experts who can read a chart with precision to find perfect entry and exit points. I have lost on paper more than 2 billion dollars, so i feel the pain [of the bear market] more than most. No matter how Steve Jobs-like you are, you’re going to have a bad quarter.

Does proof of work actually make a blockchain secure?

Is there a way to build Po S with the exact same outcome?

Hoskinson mentioned that smart contract platforms are committing the same sins that operating system entrepreneurs did in the 1990’s – competing through a strategy that creates friction and moats around a business model.

There were no open web standards in the 1990’s.“We’re saying write a smart contract, but an EOS, Ethereum, NEO, or Cardano contract so that you’re locked in a system.

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