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Accordingly, much of the Navy's activity under Maurepas was aimed at protecting and expanding French foreign and colonial trade.

Maurepas' passion for foreign affairs in general, encouraged by his administrative jurisdiction over certain areas of diplomacy and colonial government, led him to overshadow the Foreign Secretary.

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The last ten years of Maurepas' term as Secretary of the Navy were dominated by efforts to manage the escalating English threat to France and her colonies, by the War of Austria Succession (1740-1748), and finally by official war with England (1744).Jean-Fréderic Phélypeaux, comte de Maurepas (1701-1781) was a powerful figure in France during the reign of Louis XV, overseeing the administration of both the Royal court and the French Navy during his extended terms as Secretary of the Royal Household (1715-1749) and Secretary of the Navy (1723-1749).Born into a family of the highest nobility, Maurepas inherited these administrative positions almost as a birthright; they had been held by his grandfather, Louis de Pontchartrain (eventually Chancellier de Pontchartrain), and his father, Jérôme Phélypeaux, comte de Pontchartrain.How to get the Mail Items of a specific folder in Outlook. Create Recipient("[email protected]") '// Owner's email address Set ol Share Inbox ...https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31008941/how-to-get-the-mailitems-of-a-specific-folder-in-outlook Dir(): Using the Dir() function you can get the list of files and folders in a specific path.The Dir() function takes 2 input parameters, the directory path and the type of file we are looking for:.

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