Dragon age not updating content

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Your choices will shape the lives of those who live here and beyond.-----The Shattered War is a full standalone adventure for Dragon Age: Origins set after its events.

While this adventure does make some reference to events within the original game, and you will benefit from having the context of that story and the background of the setting, this is NOT a continuation of the story of the Grey Warden.

So I have two choices; see if the changes take effect midgame (I fear this option because my choices could/would have been different with those variables in the game) or start a new one and enjoy all the new lore (also grind another 20 hours to get where I am right now). Also, the world state is basically in your save game.

Still I get "This portion of the game can only be accessed after full installation has been completed".

You are a member of a small military force sent to investigate rumours of darkspawn incursions, but this remote and dangerous landscape is home to more surprises than most care to admit.

The small output at Fort Velen represents a small banner of order near three towns with problems of their own.

I assumed that it wouldn't take effect but this message kind of spooked me a little bit. Like it was all a bad dream and starts you from the beginning or something.

Or when you talk to people again they say "I remember this, sorry I didn't tell you before." I will play around with it and see if it effected anything.

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