Effective communication leveling validating

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“Some customers will want to end the call quickly and will be very straight to the point, while others would like to move at a slower pace.

Whoever it is, advisors need to get into some element of rapport.” To do this, advisors need to pay close attention to what the customer is saying, mirror the customer’s tone and assert control over the customer’s issue.

By listening to your customer’s answers (the whole answer), you have time to formulate what your next question will be.

This will also allow you to ensure that the line of questioning has a natural flow and doesn’t sound like a scripted checklist of things you need to ask.

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” There are contact centres who ask advisors to only use open questions for probing.

For instance, it may not be possible to address the first issue raised until the second issue has been resolved.

It is a good idea to deal with each issue individually and go for the easiest or quickest issue to resolve first.

Team leaders and managers need to be listening in from time to time and offering their support.

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