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I met Ling on the chatrooms last time when it was still popular. Used to chat about normal mundane stuff, never really cared if she was a 'real girl' or some guy pretending to be one, until one day she said something like 'I hate my breasts, they are too big'I was abit cautious and asked 'why? She said she loves getting whole body massages and she enjoys getting her pussy licked. I can't do all kinds of sports with them"This piqued my interest, so I started veering my conversations towards a sexual slant with her, slowly probing more about her.

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Then I suggested "I can massage for you if you massage for me.." She thought about it and said "OK, but where? "I told her cannot because I don't live alone, and I suggested Hotel81. "Since she was against the idea of going to hotel, so no choice I drove her to a nearby lorry park which was quite dark.

About a minute later she suddenly came into the bathroom and said "I also need to shower, I haven't bathed since afternoon." She was naked but her arms were covering her boobs and pussy when she entered the shower with me.

So I showered her and took the opportunity to rub her body while I told her to rub mine.shower ever!

She immediately said "No, what if somebody see us go there? We adjusted the front seats to horizontal position and she said she'll massage me first.

I tried laying facedown and she massaged my shoulders...

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