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In Bibleopoly, the object isn't to collect money but to collect good deeds.The spaces on the board are named after cities from the New Testament and instead of building houses or hotels the object is to build a church.Some great questions for kids and teens are: "Were you named after anyone? " "Do you ever eat cereal at another time of day besides breakfast? " "What was the best movie you've seen and why did you like it? If you use the same questions at each table, put them in different orders. Consider having a group song or active game before the Round Robin speed dating game and provide name tags for the participants." "What places have you traveled that you really liked? Using bright balloons or other colorful decorations on tables and around the room helps create the comfortable atmosphere you want.Fortunately there are many great board games that have a Bible version if you want your entertainment to also be a way of learning more about the Bible. In the original version of Scattergories, each player is given a card that list topics such as "name of a street" or "a brand name." A die is rolled to decide what letter is used, and when time begins you must think of an answer or each topic that starts with the letter being used.In Bible Scattergories, the topics are about the Bible such as "Names for the Holy Spirit" or "Places that Jesus walked." In Monopoly, players go around the board buying properties and accumulating as much money as possible.

Another fun element is to have a treat at each table, or a little piece of the meal or refreshments.

If you are concerned about keeping kid's interest, add elements of fun and games to the event.

Have the kids collect a sticker or feather for their hat or some other token at each table.

In Guesstures, a player draws four cards and each card has something she must act out.

She only has a certain amount of time to act out each card.

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