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Visitors to this site, can experience, first hand, how the games would have been all those years ago.

With the natural beauty that surrounds this site, it is easy to understand, how the Greeks, and ultimately, the rest of the world, came to respect, admire and enjoy the Olympic Games as much as the ancient Greeks did.

Opposite the site is the Archaeological Museum, where on display, are many finds and artifacts that were excavated in this area, such as the marble statue of Hermes (dating 330BC), Miltiades' helmet, and various sculptures and other works of art.

The modern village of Olympia is located very near to the ancient site.

The couple, both New Yorkers, have no family in Portugal, nor have they ever lived there; they simply wanted an unusual and exotic location, and in this day of casual jet travel -- not to mention a galloping economy -- the extravagance of going to Europe for a long-weekend wedding did not seem far-fetched. At a chateau near Paris over the Memorial Day weekend, Nathalie Gerschel, a special events coordinator at Christie's, wed Edward Kaplan, an executive at Showtime Networks, before 400 friends, including members of Manhattan's junior social set like Whitney Fairchild, Sloan Lindemann and Rob Speyer.

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Full of memorabilia such as postage stamps, photographs and other artifacts, it is an amazing insight into the history of the Olympic Games.

Y., and last year organized a wedding for New Yorkers in Dublin.

'' I think people in high society get very bored.

The difference is you're on holiday, I guess.'' Others are more confident in offering reasons for the trend.

'' A lot of this has to do with the economy,'' said Polly Onet, the event planner, who did the 1996 wedding of David and Julia Koch in Southampton, N.

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