Hilarious dating stories

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But, every so often, you have a date that is so astonishingly terrible that they make you question all of the life choices that led you this moment.

The good news is that, once it’s over, those dates can make for some uproariously funny stories to share with people at brunch.

Years ago, I was a junior in high school and he was in college. One weekend, he met my friend and me at a local concert. He said that when he was in high school he went to an alternate dimension and couldn't find his way back.

When it was over, the friend I got a ride from had to leave urgently, so this guy offered to drive me home. The only way for him to find his way was to sell his soul to a merchant he found in this other dimension.

The people of Reddit shared their worst first dates and they definitely do not disappoint.

You might have thought you had a date from Hell, but did you ever date somebody who claimed to know the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? From mypoorbrain:"I went on a Tinder date in January that ended poorly.

Talking is awkward, but from the get-go he was giving me some neck-beardy vibes.

For more on why some men do this, check out why This Is the Age When Men Are Most Likely to Cheat.This definitely goes on our list of The 17 Worst Things a Man Can Say to a Woman.“Walked me to the bar, popped me down on a seat, said he was going [to the bathroom], never came back,” Quim Jong-un wrote.To avoid situations like this, read the expert advice in I Hired an Online Dating Coach and This Is What I Learned. The word suffice triggered him to call me ‘arrogant’.I said we shouldn’t meet and to not contact me again. “He was a professional athlete who kept making sure I knew how impressive he was, and then told me in the car ON THE WAY to the restaurant, ‘There’s a 90% chance I’m gonna sleep with you tonight.’ I guess he underestimated my 10% say in the matter,” Kristin Butz wrote.

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