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Hi , I am also able to disable the automatic update for adobe reader 7.0 . The url isfile4Anyone figured out how Adobe manages to run their update software using Operating System resources(win) when the computer starts up? They do not seem to understand that the most sensible time to run the updater is when the software or its component (Adobe reader) is opened or invoked.

I just deleted the file from C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Reader\plug_ins and it worked. Who the hell gave them permission to run the updater when my computer starts up when I am not even thinking of using their 2 bit crappy piece of software.

Is there any way to disable the update feature without internet access? In the Export Registry File dialog box, choose a location and type a name for the backup file, and then click Save. Locate and select the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run\ key. Right-click on update Mgr, choose Delete and click Yes. I use to love them, but lately the whole suite has become bloated and cumbersome.

When the "Adode Updater" Tray Icon appears, RUN task Manager and find "Adode ARM. Please check your Internet setting or firewall." And I only get an option to "Cancel" - no preferences button! I have been using adobe products for over 13 years.

There, choose Updater and click on "Do not automatically donwload or install updates". Look at these Adobe nerve wrecking crappy pop-ups ... My answer is NO - they're all the same out there, just to get your money and screw you and to make you stay with their SW - updating and updating and updating their crap If you delete the file and at some point decide to update adobe will reinstall the file. Browse to any of the files mentioned here, depending on the version you have. You may also want to look in this location for all the updater files and place the path rule on each of them. Check out the Is Enabled = 1 settings in the application XML node you do not want to have on the updater’s list. You may need administrator privilages to save the changes." Add/Remove Programs 2. Acro Rd32Adobe Reader 8.2 It will self close after 10 seconds or so, and come back again and again. There is no entry in the above thread mentioned registry area (i.e. I don't feel safe when I have no control over my box.

But can be used if and only if the Updates are available in case of Adobe9. imho this should be classified as malware or spamware in every antivirus program and disable it.. Adobe and delete foders Updater and ARM (ARM is not that simple to delete - you'll have delete those files one by one).

If ur Adobe is up to date u wont find Preferences option... And you'll never see those annoying icons popping up again. In the computer configuration tree, expand "windows settings" then expand "security settings" / "software restriction policies". In the right side box, right click and choose "New Path Rule".

I'm a real non-fan of automatic stuff installing itself and running, someone please correct this if it's incorrect, but I think deleting the as earlier suggested, or even doing the dumb manual updater preferences settings would work ok in this case.

The activesetup part will run when windows starts anyway, basically you would be disabling the adobe section of that.

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