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Some of the best parts is when Terry (Tyler Perry) and Gavin (Malik Yorba) tell the two other men of the group Marcus (Michael Jai White) and Mike (Richard T. Most of the movie was spent talking about everyone’s affairs and marital issues.

Jones) that it’s better not to commit adultery, because as scripture and everydfay life demonstrates, the consequences can be devastating. No big climax, mostly relationship issues and a lot of talk.

This is a solid step up from those Madea films, whom he is thinking about revisiting next year.

It was nice to see him stand for himself against his wife’s constant berating as well as the harassment from a former lover and mother of his children, Keisha (Kaira Whitehead). Their actions were not Christ-like at all, save the sole character played by Jill Scott. ” What is true love and how do you know when you have found it? Answer Many people are convinced that traditional marriages don’t work and that this practice should be abandoned. Answer Sharon Leal, Tasha Smith, Michael Jai White, Tyler Perry, Malik Yoba, Janet Jackson, Richard T. Answer What are the consequences of sexual immorality?She told us that if we saw it we could avoid some of the problems she experienced in the past in her former marriage.We was pleasently surprised by her recommendation, but we gladly accepted the invitation and did so. It deals with relationships from a secular and from an intimate viewpoint.

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