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Cary moved back in with Randolph as soon as the divorce was settled.The studio publicity department regularly planted stories about an endless stream of attractive young women going in and out of the beach house which they now referred to as “Bachelor Hall.”Their good friend, Carole Lombard, when joking about Grant notorious cheapness said "Their relationship is perfect.King was born in Brooklyn, New York, one of two sons of Jennie (Gitlitz), a garment worker who was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Aaron Zeiger, a restaurant owner and defense-plant worker who was born in Kolomyia, Ukraine.which resulted in his wife and two sons being supported by welfare.Randy pays the bills and Cary mails them.” Between the two of them, they had 7 failed marriages, but they were most likely marriages of convenience.Mr Blackwell, the notorious fashion critic, lived with Cary and Randolph for several months.The photos show Cary Grant and Randolph Randolph sharing house and living a very cozy and domestic life at the beach.Maddox used various code words in his story that would identify them as a couple to gay readers.

After a stint on Broadway, Archie moved to west to California and soon signed a contract with Paramount Studios under his new name of Cary Grant.A few years before, Cary Grant had lived openly with gay Hollywood designer, Orry-Kelly.A closeted gay journalist named Ben Maddox wrote a profile of the two bachelors for Modern Screen in 1933.A CBS staff announcer, whom King met by chance, suggested he go to Florida which was a growing media market with openings for inexperienced broadcasters.King went to Miami, and after initial setbacks, he gained his first job in radio.

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