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I’ve always been perplexed by the "man-hating lesbian" stereotype.

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As you’ll see in the movie there is often a playful element to the lezzie/lesbro bond and its not uncommon for lezbros to kiss or even make out with their lesbian friends.Here is a snippet from an actual e-mail that was passed along by a straight woman to 10 other straight women — and me. Send me an e-mail about an exciting new product with which you can spray the walls of the one or two lesbians bars in town to repel your exes so that you can scope the ladies in peace, and I’ll think about being amused.Fortunately, however, the world is coming to realize that lesbians and straight men have a lot in common and might even gravitate towards each other as buddies.If you have, I’m sure you’ve noticed that most of the recipients — and the sender — are straight females.It makes sense, because why on earth would lesbians, whose dating drama doesn’t involve men, ever be compelled to unleash such vitriol against guys?

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