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On my most recent visit I found 2,136 people online, and over 1,000 active profiles for the aforementioned age group.Like all dating sites, functionality is restricted to the membership you have.One great feature of Thai Cupid is the translation service that comes with the Gold package (.99 per month / or .99 for 3 months – that's less than a dollar a day).This translates messages for both parties, preventing cross wires and assisting in breaking down the language barrier.Reader David, freshly off a recent trip to Ukraine, wrote in response to my recent email (read it here) about “Caesar” from the “90 Day Fiance” show… Is it possible that message was actually from Caesar?Thai dating sites have become extremely popular in the last few years, and many fruitful relationships now begin this way.That said, you should be as cautious about the online dating process in Thailand as you would in your own country.

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Online dating is the modern way of meeting a partner, and statistics show that users will reach nearly 400m by 2023 (1).If you do see a profile advertising a bit of fun in the sack, you can almost guarantee you’ll end up paying for it, or at least having to entertain the woman financially for a period of time.That said, these experiences will vary by site, as you can find out in the reviews below.Such women are also likely to have children from previous relationships.For some men this isn’t a problem, and depending on what you’re looking for, you may not mind what a person does for a living, whether they have dependents or other guys in their life.

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