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I decided to buy some Chinese almond biscuits, individually wrapped ‘Japanese Style Pastries’, some sort of dried fruit & a square silver packet which I have no idea whether it will sweet or savoury (I’ll update you tomorrow! We also went to the Numundo Beef Planation to pick up the order I’d placed on Tuesday, so we’ve now got a freezer filled with T-bone steaks – yummy 🙂 There were police two roadblocks in town again today & I had to go through both twice (there & back).

Both the larger supermarkets have had new shipments arrive this week, one is now full of American canned & frozen goods & the other is full of weird & wonderful packets from China!Been awhile since I’ve been on – but they also doing something special for International Girls in ICT Day!For Girls in ICT Day -they are asking us to share our story about how ICT has impacted our lives – whether we are end user, behind the scene support person, programmer, or in school learning about it – they want to share your story – be great to share the story here to on PNG ICT Meri! As the world comes together to encourage girls everywhere to consider careers in information and communication technology, we invite your stories about the positive impacts technology has had in your life.) & have decided not to take our current Haus Meri with us (most will move around with you if required to).She doesn’t feel like a good fit to our family & I get the feeling she thinks doing this type of work is totally beneath her as she frequently tells me she’s worked in a bank, an office & also worked in Australia.

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