Mickey rourke dating

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After taking some boxing training, he began his amateur career and finally won the first boxing match at the age of 12.

1971 brought an end in his boxing career as he was injured severely.

After his father abounded his family, his mother married for the second time in her life and they began living in south Florida.

There he was enrolled at Miami Beach Senior High School.

In 2008, he got his nomination in Alliance of Women Film Journalists from four different categories.

That year, he was nominated for Best Depiction of Nudity or Sexuality, Unforgettable Moment, Best Actor and Bravest Performance Award.

These days, he is said to be dating Anastassija Makarenko. Actor Mickey Rourke's childhood interest was in sports.

He retired from boxing that year and began his acting career.

While he was in high school, he played a minor role in the school play, The Serpent.

Few months later on 26th of June 1992, they got married.

However, after marriage bad news about him became public.

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