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The official Pride Opening Ceremony took place in the nightclub “SOHO”.Some of the famous Moldovan pop stars who took part in the gala concert were: Nelly Coibanu, Natalia Barbu, pop groups “Fresh” and “Regal”. Natalia Barbu also supported gays and lesbians in the struggle for their rights: “They are the same people as others. And all of them are highly educated, intellectual and very interesting people.

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I’ll start from Club Soho as due to some other work obligations, I was not able to attend the laying of the wreath, and the reception at Bar Shola, which saddened me a bit as I am a bit of a photography buff, and would have enjoyed the exhibit there.First Prides were organized in the USA in big cities at the beginning of 1970s and had gathered tens of thousands of people.Nowadays Prides or Love Parades take place in hundreds of cities all over the world and get together millions of people: gays, lesbians and all other interested people.The program of the third day included an international conference whose participants included representatives and guests from 9 countries (Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Holland, Austria, Bulgaria, Sweden, Russia, USA).Currently Gay Pride in Moldova is the only event of this kind in post-Soviet countries.

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