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Consult with your Exchange Administrator about the possibilities of enabling this feature for you.

For more information, refer him/her to Retention tags and retention policies on Tech Net.

Outlook makes it simple to modify a one-time or recurring meeting or cancel a meeting.

You may even call the process “intuitive,” for it does follow a logical progression of steps.

A popular security measure is "two-step" or "two-factor" verification.

This is a method of signing in by entering your password then you receive a text message with a second verification code.

From the list, choose the Retention Tag that you wish to apply.

As it is a server-level feature, there is nothing more you need to do.

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I have a user who does not receive updated tracking information for meeting responses.

For instance; I’m reading a message now which holds relevant information for this week. I know that if I somehow do not mark this message, it will stay in my mailbox a whole lot longer and I’ll need to reread the message in order to decide whether to keep it or not.

How can I mark a message, similar to flagging a message, as “irrelevant” after a certain date?

When you receive a message you want to have deleted automatically at a certain date, you can set this expiration date in the following way: When you are sending time-sensitive emails, then you can also help the recipient by already settings this option when sending the message in the same way.(Click on the image to see the Message Options dialog in full.)The next time Auto Archive runs after the Expiration Date, it will automatically delete the item.

Retention Policies and Retention Tags are the server-based equivalent for expiring and archiving messages.

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