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We offer paint robots, spray applicators, sealer robots, automated defect detection, automated finesse, robotic sanding, polishing and more.TKS's wholly-owned subsidiary, Encore Automation, offers liquid paint spray robots and powder coating systems.Just enter some brief information above and begin chatting. Although there are active human moderators to watch over the chat rooms, they're only human, so utilize common sense and respect, behave yourself, and use the ignore feature if someone is being a tool.

render engine was designed for getting work done in the viewport, supporting tasks like scene layout, modeling and sculpting.

We source and assemble the ostrich feather rolls in-house to ensure quality.

The automated feather dusters are equipped with a vacuum system to pull off any debris, dust, or dirt picked up - allowing for continual operation without any maintenance needed.

TKS is a distributor of Encore Automation products, services, and systems.

TKS & Encore have experience with: Encore Automation is an award-winning integrator of robotics and automation systems.

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