Sedating your baby for flight

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If flight disruption resulting from Brexit is regarded as an extraordinary circumstance, you won't be entitled to compensation or a refund on admin fees or accommodation losses, but you should try to get a refund on your ticket.The government has advised you check with your travel insurer whether you would be covered for flight delays as a result of a no-deal Brexit.This means that not only the air trip, but even the visit, to New York will involve a higher risk of infection to your child.It's not necessarily going to endanger your child's life, but you're at a higher risk of going to an ER, and it won't be your comfortable ER with your local pediatrician at hand the next day.If you do go, make sure you know exactly where the closest good children's ER is, and plan how you'll get there if your child has a fever at 1am.Meningitis is a significant danger (an infection of the spinal cord or brain) and the risk shouldn't be taken lightly.I booked my plane ticket a while back to go to New York in December and I am bringing my baby with me, but by the time we go to there and he will be about 7 weeks old. For the first few weeks of a newborn's life, usually the baby's doctor prefers that she be kept in relative isolation (friends and family).Flying is a particular risk because of crowding and recirculated air.

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You can also sign up for Brexit advice updates - Which? Our practical and impartial consumer advice, rigorously researched and regularly delivered by email, can help you prepare for the UK leaving the EU.

Depending the length and circumstances of your delay you could be entitled to: If your flight's cancelled and either departed from an EU airport or you were on an EU airline and landed at an EU airport. An alternative flight (airlines call this rerouting) to your destination. You can also choose this option if the delay lasts for five hours or more but the flight isn't cancelled.

This right to assistance applies whether you're waiting in the airport or have already boarded and are waiting in the plane on the tarmac. You must receive a refund of the full cost of the flight within seven days.

Though it was common in the past to hold an infant throughout flight, the Federal Aviation Administration recommends that infants ride in properly secured FAA-approved safety seats, which might mean the airline recommends you buy a seat for her, or they might seat you next to an empty seat for free.

(Unless the flight is sold out, airlines will usually accommodate this request.) Either way, try to get a seat in the front of the cabin (more leg room and less noise).

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