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Its used during a conversation when someone’s ego gets out of control. Girl: “You can’t sit here this is reserved for only sexy men who are VIP” Man: (said to her friends) “Wow guys, is she always this crazy or did you forget to give her medication? It requests assistance from the friends to correct their bitchy buddy’s behaviour.

If you don’t know how to use a neg then the results are tragic.

I’m going to explain how you separate yourself from “The sea of dicks”, by becoming more interesting to women you meet online. If you want a girl to even consider starting a conversation with you then you need to be more interesting. Imagine a cute girls phone and what pressure her phone must be under.Like a dam holding back billion dicks all trying to get through that little chat screen. During the interaction they do things that women have seen a million times.This describes the average woman’s phone if she has a dating app. Women have learnt to spot guys who don’t have a clue.I think guys don’t work on getting better at text game because they don’t know that their messages are getting lost in a dick storm. Women have developed keen radar from seeing the same crap over and over again.

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