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There will be an orgy room available for fun after the party. Remember, everyone turning you down is in turn getting turned down by someone else. Don Monogamish - - Seems like a day doesn't go by without a new article on the high failure rate of traditional monogamous relationships and the "new" trend toward open relationships. FWIW I'm totally FOR making this a reality but I was kiddin' about the part that would in any way let anyone know that a group of swingers were behind any kind of altruistic effort to help feed the hungry.

I know that we will have a great time together meeting other couples in our area. Most older swingers will shy away or be leery of young swingers because, 1) Swinger parties have alcohol. 3) Insecurity about their aging faces/bodies compared to yours. Are swingers ahead of the curve or is this all just new age hooey? Don't get me wrong, for the most part swingers are awesome, wonderful, sharing (wink) people.

Mind you there are anonymous internet polls, so people could lie... So let's ALSO figure out a way to maybe make this happen..not from a group of swingers.

but it doesn't appear to be on the "big" side if they are: In one poll men were asked "How long are you? Maybe we can come up with something sort of tongue in cheek, an inside joke of some sort if you will, that won't 'out' us as a group of swingers. LOL It's for swingers to meet on any level they so choose. I hardly think 95% of the people come for the pics.

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