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There's no real time that it's necessary to start partying, but a good ballpark range is to show up at a club around 10 – 11 pm.

For clubs that stay open all night, you can easily show up at 1 – 2 am.

Others choose to sit outside their front door with a couple buddies and hang out for the night.

Around popular tourist oriented areas throughout Thailand, every night is a good night to go out.

Likewise, there are a lot of men that are just out to have fun (sex-pats).

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When going out, it's seldom to be seen going out with parents (like in South America) but mostly with friends of similar age.

Due to the tropical climate and laid back lifestyle of Thailand, it's normally acceptable to wear shorts and flip flops to bars and tourist clubs.

However, if you want to fit in more with locals, they consider it much more polite to wear jeans with shoes or sandals.

There are also a lot of Thai bar girls that hang out amongst themselves at bars and clubs throughout Thailand.

Thailand offers a diversity of Western music throughout the clubs.

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