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Do you say, "Hey, think before you share," or something like that? Because one of the people we talked to mentioned that he was Googling, I guess, because he came on.

He was like, "Whoa, I didn't realize that maybe I shouldn't be sharing my dick pics this much.

Now, neither one of these approaches is 100 percent foolproof.

Anyone, once they receive content from you, can screenshot it.

When we were building our photo sharing functionality, we knew that would be a core use case.

As we grew, and as it became kind of more central to the app, we built functionality called private albums.

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Whether it's 2020 or 2030, there will be an American president one day who shared naughty photos when he or she was young.

Not only can you not take photos in the app or store photos in archive, you literally can't share them.

So I'm curious how you would think about this feature, if you had made an app that also has women on it.

And really tune it to, and prioritize, the experience of the women on your app first and foremost.

Ashley: Do you have any warnings about the camera at all?

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